Athlete Development Program

Designed by former athletes for the good of future athletes.

The ADP program is designed with the most proven systems in mind. Systems that have stood the test of time combined with the latest in athletic development to create a robust program that will focus on delivering results for the athlete.



We focus on the big rocks 

1. Keeping you on the field or in the pool

You can’t get better at your sport if you’re not doing your sport.

2. Developing key characteristics requires for the sport 

Running faster, jumping higher, changing direction, getting out of the blocks, being more powerful in your movements. 

3. Managing your load 

Where most programs fall down is their inability to manage the athletes load correctly, here is where we excel. You will be monitored and trained based on how you are feeling each day to optimise your results.

4. Assess, implement, reassess

You need to see where you're at, build a program around what you need and then test to see the results of the program. We hold you as accountable as we hold ourselves. 


What you get as part of the Athlete Development Program

  • Semi Private Training Sessions

  • The attention you deserve and not getting lost in the crowd

  • An environment that feeds improvement

  • Hands on coaching and program adjustments

  • Nutritional advice - find out more here

  • Goal setting and regular check in with our head coach

Combat Strength &

Court & Field Strength & Performance

Swimming Strength & Performance