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FSC is a strong advocate of following
Best Evidence Based Practice.
This is why this program focuses on 4 key areas.


We believe that there is a huge misunderstanding of what chronic conditions are, how they affect people and the best ways to manage them. 

This misunderstanding can lead to negative results and increase decline in individuals.

It has been shown that individuals that have a better and more informed understanding of their condition show better lifestyle outcomes. 

This program will look to help educate the individual to have a better understanding of their condition so we can look to achieve better outcomes.


For a long time now, exercise has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help manage and impede the progress of chronic health conditions and associated comorbidities.

By prescribing exercise that is appropriate to your current capacity we can use exercise to progressively increase your capacity and improve your health and function.


Our exercise programs are designed and delivered in supervised small group settings to optimise the effects of exercise and individualise to the person, their lifestyle and their condition.

Life Style

When dealing with people's health and well-being, often we become narrow-minded and forget what matters and neglect areas we can make significant differences.

This is why our program makes sure we focus on making sure that everything we are doing is going to best support you and your lifestyle. 

Whether this is through better ergonomics, nutrition or by helping you increase your daily activity we are here to help facilitate and help you get the support you need.

By doing this we look to improve your outcomes and help you to do the things you want to do. 

of Life

Everything we do is geared around improving the quality of life for the individuals in the program.

We look to make people feel good by achieving goals and improving their capacity, developing tools to help manage stress and providing them with a sense of community. 

Improving the lives of the people in the program is the overarching goal of the program and it has been shown that an increase in quality of life helps impedes the progress of chronic health conditions and associated comorbidities. 

Our 12-week program will help put you on the front foot and develop exercise interventions and behavioral changes that will have a lasting effect on your health.

Chronic Conditions that will benefit from this program include but are not limited to

  • Degenerative Bone Disorders

  • Cardiovascular Disease & Conditions

  • Obesity & Metabolic Health

  • Type 1 & 2 Diabetes

  • Mental Health

  • Cancer

What we want to offer you.
A hassle-free experience where you feel like your condition is being taken seriously and your opinion is valued.
You know yourself better than anyone.
Let up help you rediscover it.

How does It work?

FSC Chronic Conditions Program

- 3 x Supervised Exercise sessions.

- Regular testing and assessments*

- Access to FSC Recovery Equipment*

- 24/7 Support

- Access to our network of registered Health Care Professionals (OT/ Specialists)

- Home Programming

- Education & Support

- Our 8 Week Nutrition Freedom Course

*As directed by the Allied Health Team

What does It Cost?

Fixed Contract


$190 Initial Assessment

12 Week Contract

$135 a week

All Inclusive

Recommended Program

Casual Costings


Occupational Therapy Assessment - $190

 Exercise Physiologist Assessment - $150

Ongoing Occupational Therapy 30/60min

- $110/150 per session

Ongoing Exercise Rehab Sessions 45mins

- $120 per session

Can I access Rebates?

Yes you can
We accept the following

- Private Health Rebates Available

- Chronic Disease Management Plans

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