Working from home is steadily becoming the norm, but one thing we often forget about is our work station and the huge effect it can have on our body. We can help you optimise your work station at home, online. 

We have accredited exercise physiologists and occupational therapists in our team who can offer bespoke ergonomic consultations online without the need to leave home. We have been consulting remotely for some time now and have found this to be just as effective as in-person consultations. 


We suggest follow up sessions be built in to these assessments to ensure home set ups are viable and sustainable, and to ensure any potential injuries are identified and treated before they become chronic.


We also combine the ergonomic assessment with a tailored home program to help individuals improve mobility, posture, fitness and mental health to keep maintain concentration, focus and alertness throughout the work day in the working from home environment.

Before your online face to face assessment, we'll have you complete an initial screening questionnaire 


During online face to face assessment, we'll:

  • Discuss your injury history and home work space

  • Advise ways to improve your work space ergonomics and posture based on your set up and the equipment  you have available

  • Give you strategies to maintain concentration, focus and alertness throughout the work day 

  • Provide key mobility exercises and self massage techniques to help improve general and ergonomic posture using our online app

Follow up 4 week review:

- We'll review your home office work space ergonomics and general posture to assess whether set up has been effective and,discuss any queries or concerns you might have

- We'll advise further changed if needed

Home Exercise Programs

If you're also interested in improving your mobility, posture, strength and fitness to ensure overall physical and mental health then we can help here too. Our programs can be tailored to suit the equipment you have available at home.

Our home programs are simple, yet effective and will help you increase concentration, focus and alertness, as well as help reduce fatigue and errors.

Corporate programs

If your employees are working from home consistently, it's important to look after their health and well-being as you would in the office. It's also important for your business that they continue to be stay motivated and work productively at home.

We're here to work with you and your business to ensure the health and well being of your employees, whether working from home or the office.


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