FSC Club

The FSC Club is our Semi Private Training Program

The FSC Club is designed to give you the accountability, training quality and support you need. We believe that this coaching service to be the best value for money program in Western Australia!


Who is the FSC Club For?

Anyone that is looking at getting results through long term programming tailored towards the individual's needs

If you are any following we got you covered: 

  • A gym newbie that is looking to start on the right foot 

  • An experienced gym goer who’s results have stagnated 

  • An athlete looking to take their performance to the next level

  • A weekend warrior looking to keep everything ticking for another 50 years

  • A full time parent & worker who needs accountability


What you get as part of the FSC Club

  • Semi Private Training Sessions

  • The attention you deserve and not getting lost in the crowd

  • Surround yourself with individuals who only want the best

  • Hands on coaching and program adjustments

  • Nutritional advice - find out more here

  • Goal setting and regular check in with our head coach

Looking for a Fitness Experience
Designed for YOU?