Personalised Group Training

The FSC Club is our premier service. We believe this service to be the best value for money program around.

FSC Club members receive their own personalised programs designed to meet their goals.

Whether you are looking to loose weight, increase muscle mass, improve your athletic ability or just to pain free this is the ideal environment and program for you under the watchful eye of our expert coaches.



Ideal for those who are looking to be coached by one of our expert coaches exclusively.

Whether you are new to strength training or a high level athlete, we will be with you providing our expert attention to detail the whole way.

FSC Boxing & Fitness


Our FSC Boxing & Fitness classes are a great way to be a part of our FSC Community and to achieve your goals in a fun and encouraging environment.

These classes are designed to lose fat and increase lean muscle mass through a variety training styles.


Training For The Future

Developing strength is vital in helping children and teenagers build a strong posterior chain to help prevent injuries and increase their quality of movement.

Our FSC Youth program is perfect for boys and girls between 10-17 years old at a critical stage of their rapidly changing bodies.


FSC Youth members receive their own personalised programs based on their stage of physical development, ability and goals.