Nutrition with Jules

A complimentary service with your membership to maintain your health and nutrition!

Hear it from Jules

·   No matter whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior or an average joe, each and every one of us know that we should be keeping an eye on our nutrition if we want to improve our performance and keep our key markers of health in order.

·   This task can be extremely intimidating if you are new to the “diet” game. Most of us are probably guilty of trying fad diets out that may work for a short period of time, but leave you feeling horrendous and send your workouts nose diving off a cliff.·

  I can help you take the plunge and set realistic and achievable nutrition goals.

·   Utilising our knowledge of nutritional science, we can work together to figure out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and use our calculations to get an idea of exactly how much you should be eating to fuel your lifestyle.


·   From here, it is a matter of individual goals. We can achieve;

-    Fat loss

-    Muscle & strength gains

-    Body recomp (lose fat, gain muscle at the same time!)

-    Reduce risk factors associated with poor diet

-    Compliment and improve gym performance by tracking key nutrients