Pain to Performance

Headed up by Simon with over 10 years experience in both injury rehabilitation and strength & conditioning, we are very excited to take FSC to the next level by providing a full in house collaborative approach to injury rehabilitation and return to performance (sport / exercise / life).

Who is it for?

Our Pain to Performance program is an ideal intensive program to help rehabilitate a new or long standing injury to help you return to improved functional capacity. 


This membership is run by our team of Allied Health Professionals, with the aim of reducing pain and improving your movement and quality of life.

Injuries that benefit

Injuries that would benefit from a program such as this include:

  • Long Term Chronic Pain Injuries 

  • Lower Back Injuries

  • Joint injuries - Shoulders, Hips, Knee, Ankle etc

  • Soft Tissue injuries - muscles / ligament / tendon

  • Total Body Overhaul - postural reset



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