Breath and control what you can.

Control what you can.

Last night what many of us in the industry have been waiting for happened. As a result FSC Wembley and Formidable Strength & Conditioning where closed by the man.

There was nothing Simon Le Couilliard or myself could do about it. That is now the reality we live in.

What we could control was our preparation and foresight and we have a comprehensive online system that is ready to go.

In terms of daily control this is my routine.

Wake up

Shower (start my visualisation process)

Breathing and visualisation (5mins)

Stretching in flow (when breathing I find my tension points and direct my mobility towards that)

Look for a pen


Good to go and crush the day.

It never changes and no matter how crazy everything is getting. If I get anxious during the day doing this gives me back my control.

Remember guys support each other right now. It’s tough now and it’s probably going to get tougher. There is no better time to #beformidable

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