Morning mobility routine 🙌🏻🙏

Updated: Feb 4

👇🏼 check out the link for the video 👇🏼

15minute and 40ish seconds almost bang on the money!

Before I begin please remember I am NOT a yoga/Pilates/ movement guru, I am just a semi humble dude that knows the importance of mobility work. I am also NOT a media dude... so I apologise that I am not 100% in centre all the time and some times bits of me are out of shot BUT the bits that are important are so yay me!

Three things to consider if you are looking to do mobility work.

1. Count your breaths not time - you need to breath your way into the positions and relax, stretching is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable so don’t worry about how long you are in a position for

2. Don’t force it enjoy it - I get very spacy and in my own head while doing mobility. I generally like to listen to sounds of nature when doing it. (Background noise) it’s not something you should be forcing and searching for but something that relaxes you.

3. Think rep range not strict reps - in this video I probably do more on one side than the other or do a weird number of something. I think that is ok. Why? Because I am adjusting the reps and time I’m spending on each based on how the position feels and how I am feeling. Remember I’m trying to relax, for me counting isn’t going to let me go into my head and relax.

For this I was going with rep ranges of

Walk outs ~ 8-12

Child pose ~ 8-12 breaths

Book opening ~ 6-10 each side

Spider man ~ 4-8 each side

Spider man with twists ~ 4-8 each side

Figure 4 ~ 6-10 breaths

Ankle mobility ~ 8-10 breaths each (can be done without the band)

Band assisted hip flexor stretch ~ 8~10 breaths each

Ryan 🤙🏼


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