Sleep 😴

Sleep! Do you make it a priority?

I think we all heard that having a good eight hours sleep a night is essential for decreasing the risk of injury, increasing your chances of losing weight and having a productive day.

But who here actually averages 8 hr of sleep a night?

I never used to get close. Are you used to average six hours on a good week.

I have made it a priority and once it became a priority I told everyone about it. I remember Simon Le Couilliard thinking I was mad and Annika Lydiate being stoked because it meant she could go to bed earlier as well 🙄 (she does nothing but sleep anyway)

How did I manage this?

I figured out what time I needed to get up in the morning to do my “inner work” and get ready for work and worked back from there.

E.g. 4am wake up means I need to be in bed by 8pm the night before.

This is a really easy thing to do by setting it out as a priority. I have made sure that I’m organised and ready to make it a reality. This means when I finish work at 7, I have everything pre-organised so that I can come home, eat a good healthy meal, check on how Annika’s day was and still get ready for the morning and get to sleep without feeling like I’m too rushed by 8 o’clock. At 8 o’clock I’m always in bed and winding down and heading to sleep even if I’m not asleep by eight I am definitely going to bed by eight and I am asleep by the latest at 8:30 if I’m asleep at 8:30 I make sure that I sleep in extra half an hour to make up this is why I have an alarm set at 4:30am which gives me the leeway to make sure that if it happens I still have time for all the things I need to do in the morning to set up my day for success.

How are you going to make sure you get enough sleep?

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