Youth Performance Program

Helping the youth of today develop the tools they need to become champions of tomorrow... On and off the field. 


Providing a safe, supportive and structured environment for your child to learn to excel! 


Term and Holiday Programs

Our Youth and Kids Programs run in line with the school term, with intensive courses throughout the holidays.

With classes at both Fremantle and Wembley, there are plenty of sessions to keep your kids fit and healthy all year round!

Health and Well-being

Resistance and strength training is proven to assist in positive development  in kids and adolescents when practiced during this critical stage of development.

This program can help to prevent major health issues from developing down the track such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

Social Support

Our friendly gym atmosphere is the perfect place for your child to develop social skills, self-discipline and other important life skills!

Resistance training has also shown to positively influence the psychological well-being of children. Moreover, other studies noted significant improvement in mood, self-appraisal and confidence