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"For Sporting Parents Looking To Ensure Their Kids

Future Sucess"

Helping Young Athletes Become Future Champions

Developing strength, speed, power & agility at a young age is overlooked. This is why we developed our tiers youth program to lay a solid foundation that will maximise your child's sporting potential for years to come.


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Give Your Child the Best Opportunity To Achieve Their Dreams By Laying A Successful Foundation

Unfortunately Most Kids Will Fail to Achieve Their Sporting Dreams
This Is Why We Developed A Program To Give Them The Opportunity To Succeed

In a world that insists that you must do more to get better results, we believe that you must be looking to maximise your minutes and look for your greatest growth opportunities. 

We should all be aware that early specialisation is not an effective way to develop long-lasting results & achieving your child's sporting dreams, instead it's a shortcut to early burnout and injuries. 

During these critical years of development, we need to expose young athletes to as many movement patterns, gameplay scenarios and energy systems as possible to ensure we develop a wide base to build on. As the saying goes, a Pyramid can only be as tall as it is wide. 


But as the demands of the sport increase, we naturally find ourselves having to indirectly specialise or at least narrow our focus down.


This leaves us with a problem. How do we continue to maximise our foundations so we can reach a higher peak? 


This is where our Youth Athletic Development Program comes into its own. Using our Systemised training approach we make sure that in only 2 hours of training a week we develop a robust movement vocabulary while developing key areas of strength, power and speed that will set your child apart and ensure long-term success.




What Sets Our Youth Program Apart


Have a specialised coach that will leave no stone unturned, ensure your child's safety in the gym and keep you informed on your child's progress.


Take the guesswork out of it and utilise state-of-the-art sports science equipment to guarantee you're leaving nothing to chance and optimising your performance.

A Fun & Supportive Environment To Ensure That Your Child Loves Their Training 

Program compliance is a critical indicator of the program. That is why we have a fun & engaging environment that will not only have your child wanting to come to training but never wanting to leave.

A Systemised Training Approach Designed To Safely Guide Your Childs Progress

At FSC we take the time to master the basics and progress our Youth Development Athletes through all 4 levels of Competence. By doing this we ensure that we maximise all we can from basic movements to ensure ongoing development and avoid plateau. 

Healthy Food
Become A More Educated Sporting Parent With Access To Our 8-Week Nutritional Freedom Course.

We know that there is a lot of confusing information out there surrounding what your child should be eating. We break it all down for you in 8 easy to digest and actionable weeks to teach you the fundamentals of what your child needs to fuel for success.  

Super Charge Your Childs Development With Free Access To Our Recovery Protocols.

Ensure your child is getting the most out of their training by optimising their recovery. Recovery is the compound interest of the Athletic development world. The earlier you start optimising it the greater the return on investment.


Our coaches have experience competing and coaching at an international level that gives them a unique experience and insight into what it takes to make it at the highest levels


The team at Formidable Strength & Conditioning have been instrumental in helping my daughter from Perth City Swimming Club in her recovery from several injuries sustained via hypermobility and a nasty fall in netball over 2 years ago which fractured several bones and left her knees already sore from patellar maltracking worse for wear. Through the FSC youth program and personal training, Milla has grown in confidence and strength helping her to slowly regain her fitness in the pool pain free and the ability to return to a full training load and competitive swimming in the very near future. Having access to an exercise physiologist and specialist pain therapist gives this team the edge in helping athletes with injury recovery, management and prevention. The team at FSC know their stuff and are extremely passionate about helping young athletes like Milla and I highly recommend their services to anyone.

Ingrid Iaschi - mum of youth athletes Milla (14) and Isaac (11)

Not Satisfied With How Your Feeling In The Pool or Ocean?


Your Program Isn't Designed For You

When training young athletes there are many things to consider.

This includes key concepts that are vital in ensuring you optimise the training opportunities and windows that are presented while young athletes are developing.


Having an in-depth understanding can be the difference between developing future champions or risking your child's athletic future.

This is why at FSC we developed a system that we can individualise to ensure that your child is optimising their results and decreasing their risk of injury. 

We do this in a 4 step program that is designed to ensure that we are ticking every box before progressing to the next level. 

By doing this we maximise your kids' athletic development and minimise the likelihood of injury.


Your Strength Doesn't Transfer To Your Sport

If your Strength & Conditioning Program only accounts for you lifting weights then you are ultimately missing a key part of the equation. 

As good as getting stronger in the gym is, it means nothing if you don't perform at your sport. 

There's no point in becoming the king of the weight room if you’re stiff and slow while playing your sport.


The reverse is also true, programs that fail to get you strong enough do not allow you to express your force quickly enough. 

That's why we use the principle of dynamic correspondence to ensure we maximise your new level of performance and achieve your ultimate performance.




You're Environment Doesn't Suit You Goals

You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will facilitate your ultimate performance. 

Everyone that trains at Formidable Strength & Conditioning is pursuing a new level of performance. 

This is essential in fostering a competitive environment bread performance and naturally drives excellence into all our programs. 


More Success Stories

This could be you!

Rosie Wilson

- Open Water Age National Bronze Medalist

- Top 10 finish in the Rottnest Channel Swim 2022


Tom Dreverman

- Gold Medallist at Australian Lifeguard Championships

- Silver Medallist at Australian Lifeguard Championships
- Under 15 Australian Cadet Squad Water Polo

Success isn't complicated, but it's not easy.

Meet Our Head Of

A message from Ryan Evernden our Head of Performance with over 10 years of coaching Swimmers from the pool deck and in the gym at all levels. 

For me achieving peak performance boils down to two simple things: Confidence and Desire.

Confidence: In your body and in the result itself.

Without confidence in your body, you will doubt its ability to perform. If you're doubting your performance you're in a lot of trouble. 

This kind of confidence only comes from consistent hard work accumulated over an extended period.

Confidence like this is a direct result of following the program, believing in the system and knowing that our team has your back.


By doing this you'll feel unstoppable come race day.

Desire: To Win, to make tough choices and attack the challenges you will be presented with.

​You have to be desperate, desperate to get up every day and do what others won't in order to achieve what others can't.


We always hear about the sacrifices athletes make to achieve their dreams but in reality, everything is a choice.


A choice to go to bed on time, a choice to treat your body with respect, a choice to say no to others. Yes, it might be hard at points but for those with the desire to achieve peak performance, there's no other option. This desire to make the right choices is the same desire that helps you achieve in the moments that count.

At Formidable Strength & Conditioning, we help you nurture these traits through our training systems, support structures and environment to help build confidence and feed your desire.




A Team With over 10 Years Experience Working With Youth Athletes

With a coaching team that is still involved in the sport either competitively or coaching poolside, we have a unique advantage in troubleshooting & identifying issues if they arise as well as knowledge of stroke mechanics that transfer to dryland training and in the gym. 

This combined with our specialist rehabilitation team gives our program an advantage not seen anywhere else.

Training Program Proven to Generate Results At All Levels

With our Streamlined Training Systems, we have stood the test of time and delivered results for our youth performance athletes. 

These systems deliver results to athletes at all levels from aspiring Olympians to masters athletes because we are not married to one methodology but utilise systems that allow us to apply specific methodologies to your program for your individual training needs. 


This means that we can maximise your training results and help you reach your peak performance!

We Are Willing To Back Up Our Claims

Lots of people are willing to say that you will get a result but few will actually put their money where their mouth is and guarantee your money back if they fail to deliver. 

We fundamentally believe that if you work on improving performance you should be held accountable.


We are so confident in the ability of the SSPP to help you reach your peak performance for you that we’re willing to fully protect your investment with a 100% money-back guarantee.


If your athleticism hasn’t improved after your first re-testing with us, we’ll refund your money in full and rip up the agreement.

Not only that, but you’ll get to keep all the bonuses that come with your sign-up and continue to get the full benefit from them… for the rest of your sporting career.

And in case you are wondering we have never had to give a refund yet.

So realistically you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Parent Survey Responses

Here from some of our Sporting Parents

The opportunity to give my kids some functional movement training - something I’ve been looking to do for a while. They liked being coached and they also liked the other kids doing the program.

Focusing on the basics of movement and strength and celebrating the improvements. I cannot thanks the crew at FSC enough for their great work with our kids and making them feel like a part of small family. We all received an amazing individual feedback on our child's progression. Very personal and heartfelt. Greatly appreciated!

I as a parent loved the fact Morgan was excited and revved up to go to every session she could. And she was tired, a bit sore but still happy after each session. Morgan was very happy with the skill progress she made in the short time frame

The Perfect Time To Start Was Yesterday

Why Inaction Is
The Ultimate Enemy of
Youth Performance

Your Window Of
Opportunity Is Closing
Faster Than You Think

Athletes only have a small opportunity to make their mark, get noticed and gain valuable opportunities from their sporting career. With the clock ticking do you really want to delay your chance to maximise your sporting career...

You Could be About To Have Your Break Out 

We have already helped over 150 Swimmers achieve their dreams and take their swimming performance to the next level. This is often thanks to their recently discovered athleticism and newfound ability to train harder for longer without injury. This resilience and athleticism could be the turning point in your swimming.

To Continually Improve You Can't Just Rely On Working on Your Sport

If you are looking to reach your Peak Performance you must also look to improve your athleticism. Improving your strength and Athleticism will drastically reduce your risk of injury and can also be the difference when looking to optimise your race day performance.

What's The Investment?

Youth Development Program


Per Week

8x Performance Testings (Value $2000)

Unlimited FSC Club Access to Facilitate You Training Needs (Value $3,640)

Your Own Strength & Conditioning Coach

Access to our Swimmers 8 Week Guide to Nutritional Freedom Course (Value $450)

Unlimited Programming Adjustments

Access to Workshops (Value $1200)

Travel Programs & Recovery Protocols
(Value $1000)

Total Value over $11,170

For only $4,550

*12-month Training Package

Ultimate Youth Development Program


Per Week

2x 1:1 Session (Value $12,480)

8x Performance Testings (Value $2000)

Unlimited FSC Club Access (Value $3,640)

Your Own Strength & Conditioning Coach

Access to our Swimmers 8 Week Guide to Nutritional Freedom Course (Value $450)

Unlimited Programming Adjustments

Access to Workshops (Value $1200)

Travel Programs & Recovery Protocols
(Value $1000)

Total Value over $18,710

For only $14,950

*12-month Training Package

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee


We are the only program in WA that offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This is because we believe that we should be held accountable and deliver on our promises to you. This core driving principle means that we are always striving to be better and to make sure we are over-delivering to our athletes.  This is why we are proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you have participated in the program and do see an improvement in your athletic ability by completion of your first round of testing. We will give you a 100% refund let you out of your contract and let you keep all the bonus materials for the remainder of your athletic career. 

Our Schedule

current swimming timetable.png



Do I get my own program? All athletes have different needs, even if their sport, event or position is the same the athlete is not. This is why we use our streamlined swimming solutions frame work to create 80% of the program and individulise the critical 20%.

How many session do I get? Depending on the time of season you are in, your time availability and your ability to recover we will determine how many sessions will be optimal for you to reach your peak performance.

How are my improvements being measured? We use the latest and state-of-the-art testing equipment to make sure we are not guessing when it comes to your results. Using our testing technology we will accurately determine your baseline and then measure your progress every 5-10 weeks to make sure we are leaving no stone unturned.

Will I be supervised when I'm training? You will always have a coach or therapist on hand to make sure that you are correctly implementing your program, optimising the program for your needs that day and motivating you to achieve your peak performance come comp day. Groups are limited to 9 people so you will always get the attention you deserve.

What age do I need to be to start training with you? As we are working with athletes we need to ensure that there is a certain level of maturity. We do not have a minimum age as such but generally, we will not take anyone under the age of 14. We have taken younger and every applicant will be taken on a case by case bases to determine if they fit the environment and do not detract from other athletes.

I want to train with you but live far away or interstate what options do you have? Australia is a huge place and that means it can be a long way to travel to get to our central Perth location. The good news is that our programs are not dependent on access to the facility. Our entire program is based on us being able to help you no matter where you are so we offer a very successful online model (same cost as it's actually more work to do a program online) for those training too far away.

Am I able to do one session at FSC and one at home? Yes, this is something that a lot of our athletes do all ready to fit into their lives. We can do this by adjusting your program to fit your environment or using what ever equipment you have available to you.

Your programs are athlete only, how do I know if I'm an athlete or not? Great question, we classify athletes as anyone that is striving to improve their ability to compete in their sport. We don't care if you are a masters athlete at states or if you are looking to make the Olympics, if you have the desire to improve in your chosen sport, you're an athlete

The Facility

Where are you located? 56 Grantham Street Wembley 6014. Down the road from Lake Monger and cross from the Wembley Primary School. There is parking available around the back or the gym.

What times are you open? We are open from 5 am till 7 am on Monday to Thursday. Friday 5 am till 11 am and Saturday 8 am till 10am


Why does your program go for a year? Nothing worthwhile happens overnight and you shouldn't expect your peak performance to happen overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your peak performance. This is why our programs are year-round and do not take breaks.

Do you have hold periods if I go away? No, your goals don't disappear when you go away and neither should your program. We make sure that when you return from being away you have not fallen behind and you are able to pick back up where you left off.

I can't commit to a year-long program, do you still have something for me? A lot of athletes (especially at the higher levels of sport) only have three and six-month blocks available to them before their other commitments recommence. If you’re an athlete in that position, we can still help. We’ll assess your situation on a case-by-case basis and if it makes sense for you to join our program, we’ll get the wheels in motion. Extra fees may apply.

What are your different pricing options? We have two different payment options. Our Program is valued at $4550 a year and you can pay this upfront for a 15% saving of $682.5 bringing it to $3867.5 Typically however you can choose to pay via direct debit fortnightly ($175) or monthly ($350). Direct debit fees may apply.

I can't see online training on your website do you offer that? Technically all our programs are online as non of our programs are bound to the facility itself and it cost the same whether you are training remotely or in-house. However, we do recommend that you try and visit us in person as there is nothing better than having an eye on you in the moment.


How much does it cost to work with you? The cost of our Swimming Strength & Performance Program and ADP Program is $4550 a year. This is $12.5 a day or 87.5 a week.

Do you get a discount if we pay upfront? Yes, you will save 15% ($682.5 ). This will mean you pay $3867.5 for the year instead of $4550.

Are there any discounts for Families? We understand that the more kids you have the more expensive everything becomes. That is why we offer 5% off the next family member to sign up for our SSPP Program or our ADP program.

Why is it more expensive to work with you for a shorter period of time? There are a lot of inclusions in the program that you don’t pay for that we build into the yearly subscription. If you choose to work with us for a shorter period of time (via application only and typically on for Fly-In, Fly-Out professional athletes), we have to account for these extra inclusions. We also want to incentivise those that are truly committed to the process.

I hate direct debits as I have been stung by big box gyms before. Do you offer any other payment methods? No, this is to keep our admin cost low so we do not have to increase to the cost of the program. If you would like to avoid direct debit your free to take the upfront payment and get a great deal while doing so!

Still Unsure?

Book a call with one of our coaches and we will be happy to answer any question you may have
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