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Christmas 10km Results

Over the weekend we had one of our Target events for our Rottnest Channel Swim Competitors.

The Christmas 10km event has over the years been a successful target event for us due to its location in the calendar and most importantly the vibe of the event!

We love it,

And so do our Rottnest athletes,

What with the smorgasbord of high-quality Open water events available in WA is a massive thumbs up for the guys running it.

This year's event was no different!

Fantastic event with an amazing vibe and big numbers turning up

to qualify for the Rottnest Channel Swim.

Formidable Strength & Conditioning had a great showing with 12 athletes completing the swim and all going under the Rottnest Channel Swim Qualifying time!

8 under the 3-hour mark,

7 finishing in the top 10,

6 finishing in medaling in the category

3 winning their category

1 finishing in the top 5 overall.

All in all a remarkable day for everyone involved and give us a fantastic opportunity to push on with their programs and only have to focus on the Rottnest Channel Swim from here on in!

Awesome work team Formidable!

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