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Process-driven outcome. Andy Donaldson Tackles the English Channel

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

8 hours and 4 seconds, a British Record.

What an achievement.

What a statement.

This guy put his balls on the line, opened himself up to immense external pressure and looked to make a statement.

The fastest to ever swim the english channel.

Did he achieve it… No

Was he close? Yes.

Did things outside of his control play a factor in the result?


Did Andy Donaldson lose focus when things didn't go to plan?


With all the pressure surrounding the outcome of the swim Andy never once lost sight of what truly mattered… the process.

People often get so overwhelmed by what the outcome might be and when it gets tough and they no longer believe they can live up to the fantasy, they break.

Not this guy.

For all those following Andy has openly admitted that this swim was the hardest and most challenging he has ever done.

Mentally and physically he put everything into it.

And regardless of the result he’s come out of it feeling better post-swim than ever.


Because he put months and months of work into following the process.

He did everything that was ask of him and more.

He sort out the best in the industry with proven track records and was open to advice.

When put under pressure he didn't crumble but rose to the challenge.

But most importantly he is 100% committed to achieving his long term vision.

To be the fastest person to ever swim 7 oceans.

This train isn’t stopping any time soon.

He’s only just getting started.

1 down 6 to go.

P.s. Andy is doing these swims for an amazing cause (the Blackdog institute) so please go to the link below and donate to help raise money for mental health research.

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