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Setting Lofty Goals in Swimming: A Journey Worth Undertaking

If you're a competitive swimmer, you've probably heard the advice to set goals for yourself. It's common knowledge that having a clear idea of what you want to achieve is essential for progress and success in the pool. However, it may be time to aim higher if you're feeling stuck or uninspired with your current goals.

The truth is, setting lofty goals can be intimidating. It means leaving your comfort zone and potentially facing failure. But the payoff is worth it. By challenging yourself and pursuing something you're truly passionate about, you can experience a deeper sense of fulfilment and satisfaction than you would with more manageable goals.

Let's dive into the story of one swimmer, Sarah, (not her actual name) who discovered the value of setting lofty goals for herself.

Sarah had been a competitive swimmer for several years and had already achieved great success. She held records at her local swim club, won several state championships, and even made it to nationals. However, despite all her accomplishments, Sarah felt like something was missing.

She had been setting goals for herself each season, but they were always within her comfort zone. She would focus on improving her times by a few tenths of a second or winning a particular race at a meet. These goals were achievable but didn't excite her or push her to become a better swimmer.

That's when Sarah decided to take a different approach. She sat down and thought deeply about what she really wanted to achieve in her swimming career. She realized that what truly inspired her was the idea of representing her country at the Olympics.

This was a lofty goal, to say the least. Sarah had never even competed at the international level, let alone qualified for the Olympics. But the idea of striving for this goal filled her with excitement and purpose. It was the kind of challenge she had been craving.

So, Sarah began training with a renewed sense of focus and determination. She worked on her technique with her coach, became a stronger more explosive athlete and made sure to stay on top of her nutrition and recovery. She had a long road ahead of her, but she was committed to giving it her all.

As the years went by, Sarah saw gradual improvements in her times and performances. She started to get closer and closer to team selection. However, after years of hard work and dedication, she never managed to qualify for the Olympics.

This was of course devastating and probably makes you wonder what the point of this story is.

But after the initial disappointment of falling short of her goal passed fulfilment and pride were left as she knew that she had pushed herself to the absolute edge of her potential.

But Sarah knew that the journey had been just as important as the destination. After the culmination of years of hard work, sacrifice, and determination she felt a sense of fulfilment.

Without setting a lofty goal and pushing herself out of her comfort zone, she never would have experienced the kind of fulfilment and satisfaction that she did.

So, what can we learn from Sarah's story? It's that setting lofty goals is a journey worth undertaking. It may be intimidating and challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Even if you fall short.

By being open and honest with yourself about what you truly want to achieve, you can discover a sense of purpose and passion that can drive you to new heights in the pool.

Key Insight: Don't be afraid to set goals that seem out of reach. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and pursuing something you're truly passionate about, you can experience a deeper sense of fulfilment and satisfaction than you would with more manageable goals.

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