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Consistency is key.

You can’t beat it.

Consistently hitting 7 out of 10 sessions each week, year after year, will get you much closer to your goals than hitting one amazing session each week and sucking for the rest.

But how do we ensure that we can be consistent?

Here are 3 ways I’ve found helped me maintain a high level of consistency.

1. Tell as many people what you are looking to do as possible.

If you’re looking to attend 5 swim sessions a week and hit 2 gym sessions each and every week.

Make sure you tell as many people as you can about it.

The more people you tell, the more pressure you will feel to hold yourself accountable and stay consistent.

You may also find that some people you tell will help you when it gets tough.

2. Prioritise your health.

Eat good food, get plenty of sleep, maintain a good social life, and keep yourself hydrated.

These are key to staying healthy and building consistency in your training.

It’s very hard to be consistent if you're constantly sick or injured.

3. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

Start small; don’t aim for the moon straight away.

Rarely will you be able to maintain your new super standard if you overreach at the start.

Momentum is an amazing thing, and starting small and building it up over time will keep you hitting your targets consistently over the long haul.

Do you struggle to maintain your standards week in, and week out?

If so, our Swimming Strength & Performance program comes with your dedicated coach to help you stay on track and build consistency in your training.

If this is you, don’t wait.

Take action. Click here to book a discovery call!

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