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Formidable Welcomes Olympic Coach to the Team

Often in life, something potentially catastrophic happens, In these moments we often have 2 options,

Give up and accept the consequences,

Or look for opportunities to create something better.

On October 26th such a situation occurred.

A club was left without a head coach and athletes were left without a program.

This has led to Formidable Strength & Conditioning stepping into the role of sole training provider for the Perth City Swimming Club and for us to appoint Eoin Carroll as our Head Swimming Coach to lead this exciting new program.

This, for the team at Formidable, is a huge addition to our swimming program.

Eoin is an Olympic-level coach with over a decade of experience coaching swimmers at the highest level. We could not be happier to welcome Eoin to the Formidable Family and we eagerly look forward to seeing how he can transform our swimming program as we look to become a leading force in swimming training over the next 5 -10 years.

With this appointment and new partnership agreement with Perth City Swimming Club, we are now one of the only training providers to offer not only Swimming Coaching but also Strength & Conditioning, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset coaching.

All under a single provider to create the most cohesive and effective training program possible.

This is something not seen anywhere outside the national institutes and we are excited to bring our vision of Swimming Sports Performance to life.

And only 14 days ago people thought the club would not survive...

The game has changed.

We can't wait to see what the future holds.


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