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2 Traits That Will Make You Unstoppable On Race Day

For me achieving peak performance boils down to two simple things: Confidence and Desire.

Confidence: In your body and in the result itself.

Without confidence in your body, you will doubt its ability to perform. If you're doubting your performance you're in a lot of trouble.

This kind of confidence only comes from consistent hard work accumulated over an extended period.

Confidence like this is a direct result of following the program, believing in the system and knowing that our team has your back.

By doing this you'll feel unstoppable come race day.

Desire: To Win, to make tough choices and attack the challenges you will be presented with.

​You have to be desperate, desperate to get up every day and do what others won't in order to achieve what others can't.

We always hear about the sacrifices athletes make to achieve their dreams but in reality, everything is a choice.

A choice to go to bed on time, a choice to treat your body with respect, a choice to say no to others. Yes, it might be hard at points but for those with the desire to achieve peak performance, there's no other option. This desire to make the right choices is the same desire that helps you achieve in the moments that count.

At Formidable Strength & Conditioning, we help you nurture these traits through our training systems, support structures and environment to help build confidence and feed your desire. #beformidable

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