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The Real Reason Early Specialisation Doesn't Work!

The biggest dilemma for parents of sporting children is deciding when to let their kids choose one sport to specialize

It's what the best athletes did. Micheal Phelps, the Williams Sisters and Cristiano Ronaldo are all well-known for their early involvement in sports and willingness to go all out.

However, like many things in life…

These are exceptions to the rule.

Most professional athletes are multi-sporters.

When they are young, they engage in many sports and participate in as many activities as possible.

This is because;

  • This improves decision-making as multiple sporting environments help with pattern recognition.

  • This increases the number of movement solutions' an athlete has when they are faced with a movement problem.

  • This gives them a better chance of finding what they love and reduces burnout.

Parents who are sporty can use the same principle to build strength and condition for their children.

If your child is a sports parent and you have decided what you want to do, you can diversify into S&C.

It is the best way to increase athleticism without sacrificing sports practice.

It allows youth athletes to become stronger, faster and fitter…

These attributes are available to almost all athletes in addition to archery and darts.

It builds confidence.

This is a crucial decision for teen athletes.

An athlete who is strong, fast, and physically fit does not lack confidence on the playing field.

They are the ones who dominate the pool & field.

This is where our Youth Development Program has been a game changer for many aspiring athletes. And why by us using a complete system encompassing, S&C, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery our Youth athletes have been able to rise above the rest!

If your child is already a specialist, we will be happy t

o help you by joining our Youth Development Program,

Once you have applied our team will be in contact.

Head of Performance Ryan Evernden


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